The team was established in 2002 in the Fort Zumwalt school District. Unlike many other FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams, the Channel Cats are no longer supported by a school. Due to this, the FRC team has developed into a multi-team, non-profit organization, "River City Robots" (RCR) and the organizations core FRC team 1094 "Channel Cats".

Although these are separate entities, the majority of RCR board members are also Channel Cats mentors. All support for JrFLL, FLL, supporting demos, and volunteering for FIRST events is done by Channel Cats!

We consider River City Robots our "School", The main functions of RCR is to manage funds and provide steering for club growth around all of RCR sponsored teams. 

What is the best thing about not being affiliated with a school? We are an open door to kids that would not have access to FIRST in our area!

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