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The Lone Lemming was built to plat the game "Triple Play"!

The robot had a giant trident shape for its lifting mechanism. It employed a wrist, an arm, and a leg in its operation and at its full height towered over the all of the team's members. The robot could stack, at most, five colored tetras on the center gray tetra.


Robot Features:

  • This game was similar to giant tic-tac-toe. Through out the field were large pyramids called tetras made of PVC pipes. The shortest was about 5' while the center, the tallest, was close to 8'. The object was to place smaller, blue or red tetras on top of the tetras in the field. For ever tetra on the larger ones that team gained a point. If the teams' colored tetra was on top that team gained control of the big, gray tetra. If a team had control of three gray tetras in a row, they gained more points. At the end of the match, if a team had all of its robots behind the starting line, that team gained an extra 10 points. 


  • Championships, 3-4-0
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