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Gear Guppy was made to play the game "Steamworks"

Gear Guppy was built to pick up balls to efficiently throw them into the boiler, a tall tower that stored the balls. It not only picked up balls but gears that would activate the airship. Gears would be either picked up from the ground of the field or taken from the human player station.

Once a gear is collected it would be taken to the airship and hooked onto the peg that was dropped from the top of the airship from a human player. It would then be pulled carefully to the top by the human player and put on the rail of the airship. Once you have enough gears put together you would be able to activate a rotor that would constantly spin on top of the airship. At the last 30 seconds of the game the airship would drop a rope with a Velcro end and it would be grabbed by a roller and Gear Guppy would be pulled up to the airship.



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