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Moat Minnow

FIRST STRONGHOLDSM, the exciting FIRST Robotics Competition game for 2016, involved two alliances of three teams each in a full-field match.  Based on a medieval theme, each alliance attempted to capture the opposing alliance’s castle tower. 

Three mid-field pieces (called defenses) were selected for both alliances for each match.  In both the autonomous and tele-op phases, robots crossed the opposing alliance’s defenses for points.  Robots earned more points by scoring boulders in the low or high goals.  Additionally, robots challenged and scaled the opponent’s tower in the final seconds of the game for extra points.


 The Channel Cat’s 2016 robot, Moat Minnow, breached a majority of the defenses, including: 

     -      Cheval de Frise
-      Portcullis
-      Moat
-      Ramparts
-      Rock Wall
-      Rough Terrain
-      Low Bar
-      Drawbridge (Assist)
-      Sally Port (Assist)

 Moat Minnow utilizes two rollers to both securely trap a boulder for transport and then release the boulder in the low goal.  Also, two arms assist for crossing the Cheval de Frise and Portcullis.  One unique feature of the robot is the scissor-lift for the hook to scale the tower.  In fact, at the 2016 Central Illinois Regional, the team won the Creativity Award for the scissor-lift design.  The hook for the scissor-lift is secured in place by a pin which is removed by a servomotor at the touch of a button on the control panel.

Moat Minnow not only has an interesting control panel, but also has several remarkable control features.  For example, a brief push of a button on the control stick enables the driver to instantly align the robot to any of the field’s four cardinal directions, which allows for a quick square-wave type of movement through the defenses.  Holding the alignment button down while moving the robot forward or backward ensures the robot will maintain its field orientation – even while crossing defenses – as a result of a closed-loop feedback from the navX to the differential wheel controls.  These control features helped win the Innovation in Control Award at the 2016 St. Louis Regional Competition.

Notably, The Channel Cats were captain of the alliance that placed as Finalists at the 2016 St. Louis Regional.





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