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Mettle Tester was Built to play the game "Frenzy: Raising the Bar"!

This was our second robot. The idea for this game was for the human players to throw rubber balls roughly the size of a basketball into a basket made from PVC pipes.


Robot Features:

  • After the 6' basket has been filled, a robot had to try and cap it with a larger, yellow ball. To gain extra points, a robot could try to hang from a pole that looked like a chin up bar in the center of the field. This was not an easy action to accomplish as the lifting mechanism had to be able to hold the robots weight, without snapping, suspended in mid-air for several seconds at the end of the match. Our robot, Mettle Tester, was built for the action of trying to cap the basket. Its arms were made of metal and lexan; they looked like giant bubble blower sticks. One was a free moving arm and would close around the ball to hold and lift it.


  • St. Louis Regional, 1-5-0


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