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BassCat was built to play the game "Rebound Rumble"

This robot was designed to pick up Nerf basketballs from the floor and shoot them into basketball hoops.  This robot was also able to balance on teeter totters with the opposite alliance to earn coopertition points. 

 Robot Features:

  • 4 wheel belt driven with front grip and rear omni wheels. 4 CIMs for response and speed. 
  • Sticky belt rollers to quickly pick balls off the floor and transfer to the revolver.
  • Four position rotary indexer dubbed the revolver to index the balls into the shooter.
  • Camera aim and dirven turret to rotate the shooter.
  • Dual high speed 6" shooter wheels.


  • Kansas City regional:  record:  6-9-0, Semifinalists
  • St. Louis regional:  record: 11-5-0, Awards:  Entrepreneurship Award, as well as a regional "Dean's List" student.
  • CowTown Throwdown Off-Season Event:  record 11-4-0, Member of Winning Alliance

Off Season Adjustments

  • Removed the upper shooter wheel and added a cowl hood to add backspin. The bakspin really helped score the balls that hit the backboard and contributed to being part of the CowTown Throwdown winning alliance!


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