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Chum Chucker 2 was built to play the game "Aerial Assist".

This robot was built to pick up and launch 40 inch diameter exercise balls into high and low goals. It's "Whiskers" were exceptional at quickly picking the ball up off the floor. It was capable of scoring into the high goals or reversing the whiskers to get it in the low goal or pass to alliance partners for assist points.

Robot Features:

  • 4 wheel belt driven with front grip and rear omni wheels.
  • Spring loaded, silicone wrapped roller whiskers for quick ball pickup.
  • Spring catapult with motor - belt assist for power.
  • Camera autonomous mode capable of determining lit goal, turning to the other and waiting for it to be lit.


  • St. Louis Regional: 5-8-0
  • Central Illinois Regional: 5-10-0
  • Cow Town ThrowDown
  • R2OC

Off Season Adjustments:

  • Removed the catapult - springs and added a dead blow hammer to launch the ball. The hammer utilized the same shaft and motors that wee on the catapult. this greatly improved shooting accuracy and provided better results at the off season events, even with rookies in control!


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