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Fishbee was built to play the game "Ultimate Ascent".

This robot was designed to pick up frisbees from the floor or designated feeder stations and score them into the high and low goals. It was able to right upside down frisbees as it loaded them into the hopper. It also had an extremely quick passive hanging mechanism to get an additional 10 points by hanging on a pyramid at the end of the match. 

 Robot Features:

  • 4 wheel belt driven with front grip and rear omni wheels. 4 CIMs for response and speed. 
  • Scooper: Lifts Frisbees from the floor into elevator. Utilizes a small servo to pivot out of way for irregularities.
  • Elevator: High speed urethane belts move the Frisbees from the scooper to the sorter.
  • Sorter: Sorts Frisbees into the bucket hopper correctly about 85% regardless of their orientation when picked up.
  • Launcher: Adjusts to goal by changing angle and speed.  runs on direct drive small CIM motors.
  • Robot Lift System: Running into the llowerbar initiates a passive, gas spring lift of the robot off the ground.


  • St. Louis Regional, 8-6-1, Awards: Gracious Professionalism

Off Season Adjustments:

  • Lowered the shooter and robot center of gravity. We had to give up picking off the floor but this was cumbersome in a defensive environment like Ultimate Ascent. 


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