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Kahuna Cat was built to play the game "Logomotion"

This Robot was designed to pick up round, square and triangle inflatable tubes and place them on a rack at different levels. It was capable of picking up off floor and reaching the highest pegs. It also hung several yellow tubes in autonomous mode.


Robot Features:

  • Driven on center wheels with omni corners for agility.
  • Pneumatic pick up arm elevation.
  • Custom lead screw extension for reaching the floor and top pegs
  • Tube grabber with separate top and bottom urethane belts and rollers to allow manipulation of tubes after capture.
  • FAST Minibot to score bonus points at the end of the match.

Off Season Adjustments: 

  • Reversed the lead screw and pneumatic lift to give us unlimited lift positions. The extend worked fine with just in and out. 


  • St. Louis Regional: 9-7-0, Awards: Regional Chairman's Award, Woodie Flowers Award (Ralph Lambert)
  • Championships: 4-6-0





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