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Chum Chucker was built to play the game "Breakaway"!

This award winning robot was designed to capture soccer balls and kick them over bumps on the field to alliance partners or to score directly into the goals. Chum Chucker was able to easily climb over the bumps at either end of the field. It was one of very few robots with exceptional control of the soccer balls. 

  Robot Features:

  • High clearance to climb over bumps in the field.
  • 4 wheel belt driven with front grip and rear omni wheels. 4 CIMs for response and speed. 
  • Pivoting sticky roller capable of capturing a 8" soccer ball while only in contact with a 3" cross section of the ball. 
  • Wide ball pickup area.
  • Wide pneumatic - spring loaded kicker for hard shots.


  • Kansas City regional, record:  8-5-0,  Quarterfinalists.
  • St. Louis regional: 6-7-1,  Quarterfinalists, Awards: Engineering Excellence Award.
  • Indiana Robotics Invitational Off-Season Event. 
  • CowTown Throwdown Off-Season Event:  Semifinalists, Awards:  Imagery Award



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