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Gear Guppy was made to play the game "Steamworks"

Gear Guppy was built to pick up balls to efficiently throw them into the boiler, a tall tower that stored the balls. It not only picked up balls but gears that would activate the airship. Gears would be either picked up from the ground of the field or taken from the human player station.

Moat Minnow

FIRST STRONGHOLDSM, the exciting FIRST Robotics Competition game for 2016, involved two alliances of three teams each in a full-field match.  Based on a medieval theme, each alliance attempted to capture the opposing alliance’s castle tower. 


Tad Pole was made to play the game "Recycle Rush".

This robot was built to pick up totes from a land fill in the center, and from a feeder station at the corners of the field. It then would use it's fork lift type arms to stack the totes on to one of two slightly raised platforms places towards the center of the field. It was capable of scoring up to 5 totes in a stack and up to 2 stacks in a match.

Chum Chucker 2 was built to play the game "Aerial Assist".

This robot was built to pick up and launch 40 inch diameter exercise balls into high and low goals. It's "Whiskers" were exceptional at quickly picking the ball up off the floor. It was capable of scoring into the high goals or reversing the whiskers to get it in the low goal or pass to alliance partners for assist points.

Fishbee was built to play the game "Ultimate Ascent".

This robot was designed to pick up frisbees from the floor or designated feeder stations and score them into the high and low goals. It was able to right upside down frisbees as it loaded them into the hopper. It also had an extremely quick passive hanging mechanism to get an additional 10 points by hanging on a pyramid at the end of the match. 


BassCat was built to play the game "Rebound Rumble"

This robot was designed to pick up Nerf basketballs from the floor and shoot them into basketball hoops.  This robot was also able to balance on teeter totters with the opposite alliance to earn coopertition points. 

Kahuna Cat was built to play the game "Logomotion"

This Robot was designed to pick up round, square and triangle inflatable tubes and place them on a rack at different levels. It was capable of picking up off floor and reaching the highest pegs. It also hung several yellow tubes in autonomous mode.




Chum Chucker was built to play the game "Breakaway"!

This award winning robot was designed to capture soccer balls and kick them over bumps on the field to alliance partners or to score directly into the goals. Chum Chucker was able to easily climb over the bumps at either end of the field. It was one of very few robots with exceptional control of the soccer balls. 

Crater Cat was built to play the game "Lunacy"!

This game celebrates the 40th anniversary of man landing on the moon and simulates the low gravity of the lunar surface. Robots would run around on a slick surface with slick wheels pulling a trailer. This robot was built to score playing pieces into the opponents trailers and the corner goals. The autonomous mode was successful at getting away from human players scoring into our trailer early.

Hydra was built to play "Overdrive"!

Hydra would start in a folded up condition to meet the rules. During autonomous mode it would run part of the field for points. When the kids went to drive during teleop mode, the robot arms would spring into action. The robot could grab balls, run around the field with them, through them over the ladder and place them for bonus points at the end of the match.


NOS was built to play "Rack 'n Roll"!

Nos had the ability to pick tubes off the floor and score them on the center rack. It also incorporated 2 ramps the would deploy late in the match for alliance partners to climb on for bonus points!

Hunter was built to play the game "Aim High".

Despite the game name, this robot was built to aim low, and was very good at it! In autonomous mode it would score 10 balls in the low goal nearly every match. Hunter was extremely agile, making it good at defense and hard to defend. 








The Lone Lemming was built to plat the game "Triple Play"!

The robot had a giant trident shape for its lifting mechanism. It employed a wrist, an arm, and a leg in its operation and at its full height towered over the all of the team's members. The robot could stack, at most, five colored tetras on the center gray tetra.

Mettle Tester was Built to play the game "Frenzy: Raising the Bar"!

This was our second robot. The idea for this game was for the human players to throw rubber balls roughly the size of a basketball into a basket made from PVC pipes.

W.I.B was built to play the game "Stack Attack"!

The debut robot from the River City Robots was made with a 4 bar linkage and a large grabber to pick up and stack tubs. The FIRST team had a sense of humor! W.I.B = What Isn't Broken?

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