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2017 Wrap Up

Team 1094 just wrapped up our official 2017 season. It was very successful, full of learning and excitement!!!


During prototyping early in the build season, a group of students gathered several times and had all of our best ideas drawn out in Inventor. It was a FIRST for our team to have this so early in the 6 weeks. It was very powerful in helping the team visualize the end goal which in turn, helped us finish the robot in record time. This left more time for programming and practice!


The team mentors are very proud of the Channel Cats students who were able to weather adversity through the competitions with very little support from the mentors. We consider this a key measure of success! There are better performing teams out there but few that can manage the competitions without the mentors running the show. Not only were we doing our thing; in the spirit of FIRST Robotics Competition’s “Coopertition” our students reached out, helping several rookie teams get ready to compete!


Our robot, deemed “Gear Guppy” had a good run in the St. Louis Regional, getting better as the competition went on. There were challenges around our winch, used for hanging, and difficulty in acquiring the rope. We had some early excitement jitters from the drive team that were overcome well after a few matches. With the low value on scoring fuel balls, we wound up concentrating on gears and actually covered the hopper to prevent gears from getting inside the robot. By the game rules, you can’t possess more than one gear so when one was stuck inside, we couldn’t work with gears and contribute to the alliance. The robot had no major failures and performed well. Recognizing we were better than out ranking, we were selected to compete with teams 932 and 1178 for the 6th seed alliance. With a valiant effort, we lost to the 3rd seed alliance in the Quarter Finals. We were also awarded the “Spirit Award” for the regional!


A short 2 weeks later, it was off to Cedar Falls for the Iowa Regional. In the time between, the team decided to make a new hang device to better our performance. (Thanks Chaffee for parts!) With FIRST rules, we were able to fabricate the device off the robot for install first thing after un-bagging the robot in Iowa. The inventor drawings again came in helpful in specifying the device to fit easily, which it did! In Thursday practice matches, we found out the strap we selected was inadequate for the power of our device. The strap was actually torn in two when the robot bottomed out on the davit. Luckily, Gear Guppy weathered the fall well… New straps were fabricated (Thanks Roboteers for the strap!) that were rated at over 4X what we were using! Hanging in most of our matches was a big boost to our performance! We were selected to compete with teams 4536 and 5638 for the 5th seed alliance. In Quarter Finals, We were the first alliance to achieve the score of 445, getting all gears and all 3 robots hanging! We had a frantic repair on our hanging device due to a broken ratchet wrench that was used to hold the robot in the hung position. When it was failing to hold, the operator held it up with the controls which burnt out the motors. Getting these motors replaced to continue hanging was a full court press with an all student repair crew! Even with the hang, we were unable to get all the gears due to some good defense by the opposing #1 seed alliance. We lost in Semi-Finals.  

For our competition results, check us out on The Blue Alliance!


Next up:

A multitude of off season demonstrations and fund raisers…
Get ready for the off season events!         

We plan on attending:
FRC MO State Champs Invitational in Wentzville, May 13th.
The GRC competition in Hazelwood, Date TBD.
The CowTown ThrowDown in Kansas City, End of October.

Keep tuned to our facebook page for more detail!

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